TS was a thematic workshop finalized to build together a happening based on the sounds of the old city of Taranto. We will form a working group and for about a week (6 days), with digital recorder, we recorded a lot of audio samples in the old city using the "listening points" selected to achieve a soundmap available online and also a videoart clip. Entire work of Taranto Sonora is based on the principle of soundscape composition. According to Murray Schafer,, sounds on environment since the beginning of history of man are not only cultural and social values but possess a cosmic nature. On this basis the work of sound mapping, which will be built in the workshop through the practice of "walking neighborhood" in the old city of Taranto, tries to build, piece after piece our soundscape composition. After sampling the work, and meetings on the concept of "soundscape" and "improvisational methods" by a small ensemble (the working group will be established) it will run a happening in the final attempt to unite video art, experimental music and informality of the artistic gesture., according to 'idea of multimedia by known composer John Cage, avant-garde musical pioneer in this century.



Ass. Lab Lib | Workshop in Sound Ecology


(Blow up Magazine, Succo Acido, Radio Popolare Salento, Assessorato al turismo e alla promozione del territorio della Provincia di Taranto, Associazione Culturale Alternativamente, Associazione culturale Scosse Culturali, Graphuglia snc, Associazione Culturale Punto A Capo, Ass.Cult.Artesia, Associazione Culturale Controindycazioni, Cooperativa Sociale Robert Owen, Associazione Culturale St’art)

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